About the Oxford Index


A free discovery service, the Oxford Index will enable users to search across Oxford’s digital academic offerings from a single point of entry and receive recommendations of the best related content, resulting in an enhanced research experience.

Users access the Oxford Index through the Oxford Underbar, located at the bottom of each page.

Read more about the underbar and learn how it works

Key Features

  • One search delivers seamless discovery of Oxford content, bringing definitive reference, journal articles, and scholarly essays directly to your fingertips

  • Overview of pages give a quick, at a glance view of a single topic with smart, integrated linking to additional resources providing a roadmap through trusted OUP content

  • Integrated into existing OUP online resources—discover links to related books, journals, and more with a single click

  • Wired to the library—access to your library’s OUP and other holdings directly from the Index ensures the best paths to full-text content and no “dead-ends”

Learn more at oxfordindex.oup.com