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The scholarly study of children and young people is a relatively new multidisciplinary effort that spans multiple epistemologies and methodologies, making it challenging for students and scholars to stay informed. From psychology to labor rights, from ethics to education, Childhood Studies is one of the most active fields in academia today. It encompasses the meanings that adults place on children’s innocence or competence, and interrogates the notion of childhood as a social category. How adults have thought about children and the impact that this has had on the ways children are treated are also analyzed critically and great emphasis is placed on historical, cultural and literary interpretations of childhood. Contemporary Childhood Studies is also characterized by its insistence on the need for children themselves to be understood as the best informants of their own lives. Scholars therefore look at children’s own cultures, meanings and the ways in which they attempt to change their lives and the lives of adults around them. Whereas once children might have been seen as passive, dependent or incomplete, they are now seen by scholars as equal participants in society, differently competent to adults, but of interest for what they are now, not only what they will become. Children’s rights, and the changing relationship between parents and children, therefore are central to the field.

Childhood Studies is international and cross-cultural in scope, transcending narrow geographical confines and analyzing modern and historical childhoods both locally and globally. A great deal of this work has moved online with the most recent scholarship, research, and statistics appearing in online databases. With advances in online searching and database technologies, researchers and practitioners can easily access library catalogs, bibliographic indexes, and other lists that show thousands of resources that might also be useful to them. In this situation what is most needed is expert guidance. Researchers and practitioners at all levels need tools that help them filter through the proliferation of information sources to material that is reliable and directly relevant to their inquiries. Oxford Bibliographies in Childhood Studies will offer a trustworthy pathway through the thicket of information overload.


Editor in Chief

Heather Montgomery is a Reader in the Anthropology of Childhood at the Open University, UK. She is a social anthropologist who has focused on issues of childhood, adolescence, sexuality and children’s rights. Her initial work was on young prostitutes in Thailand, published as Modern Babylon? Prostituting Children in Thailand (Berghahn: Oxford 2001). She also writes more generally on the role of children in anthropology and history, examining how children and adolescents have been portrayed and analyzed in ethnographic monographs and historical accounts. An Introduction to Childhood: Anthropological Perspectives of Children’s Lives was published by Wiley-Blackwell in 2008.



University of Cambridge
University of Southern Queensland
Independent Scholar
University of Birmingham
University of Warwick


University of Melbourne


University of Cambridge
University College London
Rutgers University
Indiana University
University of Cape Town
University of California, Berkeley
City University of New York
Utah State University
University of Melbourne
Birkbeck College, University of London
University of Warwick


* = recently published

Concepts of Childhood

Robin Bernstein
Harvard University
Sian Halcrow
Stacey Ward
University of Otago
Vanessa R. Sasson
Marianopolis College
Franz Metcalf
California State University, Los Angeles
Arietta Papaconstantinou
University of Reading
Marek Tesar
The University of Auckland
Stephen M. Quintana
Patrice Leverett
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Mark Golden
The University of Winnipeg
Gillian Evans
The University of Manchester
Elizabeth Tucker
Binghamton University, State University of New York
Joel Best
University of Delaware
Sonali Shah
University of Glasgow
Christia Spears Brown
University of Kentucky
Glenda MacNaughton
The University of Melbourne
Michael Newton
Universiteit Leiden
Jean Reith Schroedel
Erin E. Brooks
Claremont Graduate University
Rachel Fuchs
Arizona State University
Stephanie McBride-Schreiner
Arizona State University
Anna Mae Duane
University of Connecticut
Usha Menon
Drexel University
Tobias Hecht
Masoud Rajabi-Ardeshiri
The University of Sheffield
Marcia J. Bunge
Valparaiso University
Sally Crawford
University of Oxford
Jose Luis Alvarado
California State University Monterey Bay
Valerie Ooka Pang
Melissa Naranjo
San Diego State University
Robert Bensen
Hartwick College
Anoop Nayak
Newcastle University
Mary Jane Kehily
The Open University
Allison Pugh
Allister Pilar Plater
University of Virginia


Robert S. Petersen
Eastern Illinois University
Inés de La Ville
Université de Poitiers
Hilary Levey Friedman
Brown University
Daniel Thomas Cook
Rutgers University—Camden
Chris Richards
University of London
Rebekah Willett
University of Wisconsin—Madison
Elizabeth V. Sweet
California State University, Sacramento
Elizabeth Lovegrove
Oxford Brookes University
Brian Young
University of Exeter
Amanda E. Staiano
Louisiana State University
Sandra L. Calvert
Georgetown University
Máire Messenger Davies
University of Ulster
Emily R. Aguiló-Pérez
The Pennsylvania State University
Brenda Ayres
Liberty University

Disciplinary and theoretical approaches

Heather Montgomery
The Open University
Suzanne Spencer-Wood
Oakland University
Patrick Ryan
King's University College at Western University
Helene Brembeck
Göteborgs universitet
Louise Chawla
University of Colorado Boulder
Debra Cushing
Queensland University of Technology
Laura Malinin
Colorado State University
Illène Pevec
University of Colorado Denver
Willem van Vliet
University of Colorado Boulder
Kelly Zuniga
Queensland University of Technology
Peter Kraftl
University of Birmingham
John Horton
Faith Tucker
The University of Northampton
Anthony T. Carter
University of Rochester
Leena Alanen
University of Jyväskylä
Alyssa N. Crittenden
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Elizabeth Chin
Art Center College of Design
Liv Helene Willumsen
University of Tromsø
Susan Miller
Rutgers University-Camden
Mona Gleason
The University of British Columbia
Tamara Myers
Lehigh University
Doris Bühler-Niederberger
University of Wuppertal
Diederik Janssen
Sharon Brookshaw
University of Gloucestershire
Juha Hämäläinen
Itä-Suomen yliopisto
Sarada Balagopalan
Clovis Bergère
Rutgers University-Camden
Fiachra Long
University College Cork
Gail Boldt
Pennsylvania State University
Diederik Janssen
Abigail Knight
University College London
Michael Wyness
The University of Warwick
Reidar Aasgaard
University of Oslo

Education and Learning

Hilary Levey Friedman
Brown University
Angela Hubler
Kansas State University
Kathryn M. Anderson-Levitt
University of California, Los Angeles
Gary Wyatt
Emporia State University
Lan Zhang
Rebecca Treiman
Washington University in St. Louis
Elizabeth Galway
University of Lethbridge
Floyd M. Hammack
New York University
Carolyn S. Marsh
Bend the Arc
Jessica Fields
San Francisco State University
Lani Florian
Lena Bahou
The University of Edinburgh
Stephen Wagg
Leeds Beckett University
Jacqueline Barnes
Birkbeck, University of London

Family and Domestic Life

Rachael Stryker
Mills College
Jay Mechling
University of California, Davis
Phyllis L. F. Rippey
University of Ottawa
Chantal Bayard
Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS)
Angela Davis
The University of Warwick
Gail F. Melson
Purdue University
Hilary Levey Friedman
Brown University
Clare Rose
The Open University
Kate Adams
Bishop Grosseteste University
David F. Lancy
Utah State University
George W. Holden
Southern Methodist University
Robert Hughes
Jill Bowers
J. Kale Monk
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Jeremy B. Kanter
University of Missouri
Lorraine Radford
University of Central Lancashire
Esther Dermott
University of Bristol
Deborah Albon
University of Roehampton
Barry Schneider
University of Ottawa
Herbert Covey
Anna Malmquist
Karin Zetterqvist Nelson
Linköpings Universitet
Shurlee Swain
Australian Catholic University
Tarah Brookfield
Wilfrid Laurier University
Jenny Keating
University of London
Lara Freidenfelds
Terri Apter
Newnham College, University of Cambridge
Beatriz Ilari
University of Southern California
Caroline J. Gatrell
Lancaster University
William A. Corsaro
Indiana University Bloomington
Anna Beresin
The University of the Arts in Philadelphia
Ashley Maynard
University of Hawai'I
Rupa Huq
Kingston University, London
Andrew M. Kiselica
University of South Florida
Mark S. Kiselica
Iona College
Emily W. Kane
Bates College
Jeffrey H. Goldstein
Utrecht University
Alessandra Piontelli
Milan (Italy)
Saul Becker
University of Birmingham
Agnes Leu
Universität Basel

Feelings and Behaviors

Alison Penny
Childhood Bereavement Network
Stacey Tantleff Dunn
Rollins College
Danielle Lindner
Stetson University
Brianna Schmitt
Rollins College
Holly Hoffman
Central Michigan University
Kaitlyn Dickie
Mark D. Holder
John-Tyler Binfet
University of British Columbia, Okanagan

Key Theorists

Nick Midgley
University College London
Stephanie Knaak
University of Calgary
Kevin J. Brehony
University of Roehampton
Kristen D. Nawrotzki
Pädagogische Hochschule Heidelberg
Don Romesburg
Sonoma State University
Virginia Yans
Ji-Hye Shin
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Leslie Smith
Lancaster University
Keiichi Takaya
Kokugakuin University
Vera John-Steiner
The University of New Mexico
Colin Heywood
University of Nottingham
Todd Dufresne
Lakehead University
Jonathan Tudge
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Policies, Practices, and Interventions

Johanna Schiratzki
Ersta Sköndal Högskola
Gary Melton
University of Colorado
Susan Vivian Mangold
University at Buffalo, State University of New York
Andrew Dawes
University of Cape Town
Nigel Thomas
University of Central Lancashire
Tess Ridge
University of Bath
Heather Montgomery
The Open University
Manfred Liebel
Internationale Akademie an der Freien Universität Berlin
Antonella Invernizzi
Brian Milne
Swansea University
Jane Berger
Robert H. Mayer
Moravian College
Ann Farrell
Queensland University of Technology
Kieron Sheehy
The Open University
Fiona Bowie
King's College London
Yvette R. Harris
Miami University
Charles Watters
University of Sussex
Anna Holzscheiter
Freie Universität Berlin
Elizabeth K. Anthony
Arizona State University
Glenn W. Muschert
Miami University
Jaclyn Schildkraut
State University of New York at Oswego
Linda M. Richter
Julia de Kadt
Carren Ginsburg
University of the Witwatersrand
Tawanda Makusha
Human Sciences Research Council
Shane A Norris
University of the Witwatersrand
Mary Kellett
The Open University
Jo Boyden
Caroline Knowles
Virginia Morrow
Young Lives
Grace Spencer
University of Sydney

Psychological and Physical Development

Helena Helve
Tampereen yliopisto
Emma Cave
Durham University
Jean Mercer
The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Esther Burkitt
University of Chicester
Rosalyn Benjamin Darling
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
James Green
Gwen Gustafson
University of Connecticut
Richard Kreipe
University of Rochester Medical Center
Sarah Welsh
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Dorothy Pawluch
McMaster University
Jónína Einarsdóttir
Geir Gunnlaugsson
University of Iceland
Amy Paugh
James Madison University
Stephen E. Brock
California State University, Sacramento
Emily Holly
University of California, Davis
Hilary Sisson
Alyssa Ybarra
California State University, Sacramento
Ingrid Johnston-Robledo
Castleton University
Margaret L. Stubbs
Chatham University
Ashley Walch
Pittsburgh Healthcare System
Libby Balter Blume
University of Detroit Mercy
Daphna Birenbaum-Carmeli
University of Haifa
Yael Hashiloni-Dolev
The Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo
Leon Kuczynski
University of Guelph
Claudia Malacrida
Tiffani Semach
University of Lethbridge

Regional Studies

Gaynor Macdonald
University of Sydney
Kristen Cheney
International Institute of Social Studies in The Hague
Vanessa L. Fong
Amherst College
Alejandro E. Brice
University of South Florida St. Petersburg
Tobias Hecht
Heidi Morrison
University of Wisconsin—La Crosse
Andy Byford
Durham University
Sarada Balagopalan
Rutgers University-Camden
Aviva Sinervo
Laurence Brockliss
University of Oxford


Peter Hunt
Cardiff University
Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw
Western University
Affrica Taylor
University of Canberra
Rachana Agarwal
Elizabeth Tucker
Binghamton University, State University of New York
Vanessa Joosen
University of Antwerp
Monica Flegel
Lakehead University
Kirsten Stirling
Université de Lausanne
Anna Sparrman
Linköpings Universitet

Vulnerable Children

Valerie Polakow
Katja Robinson
Chloe Wilson
Eastern Michigan University
Mary Lorena Kenny
Eastern Connecticut State University
Jill E. Korbin
Case Western Reserve University
Valerie Polakow
Syprose Owiti
Eastern Michigan University
Heather Montgomery
The Open University
Karen Wells
Birkbeck, University of London
Aleksandra Roulet-Cimpric
Michael Bourdillon
University of Zimbabwe
Elizabeth Heger Boyle
University of Minnesota
Anna Johnson
Myrna Dawson
University of Guelph
Catherine Hamilton-Giachritsis
University of Bath
Manuela Garcia Quiroga
University of Birmingham
Cheryl Nixon
University of Massachusetts Boston
Charles Watters
University of Sussex
Lewis Aptekar
San Jose State University
Andrew L. Cherry
The University of Oklahoma School of Social Work
Mary E. Dillon
University of Central Florida
David M. Rosen
Fairleigh Dickinson University

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